down to earth experiential tourism

In our mind there is a world of difference between tourists and travelers. Travelers are engaged in the understanding of the unvarnished reality of where they find themselves. They will often trade comfort for experience and relish entertainment for authenticity. At Genesis we provide comfort without restricting your experience of the simple beauty of authentic Yucatan.

Maya temple

Ek Balam

The multi-lingual, licensed guides at Ek Balam will enrich your understanding of the ancient Maya and their sophisticated advanced knowledge of architecture, math and astronomy.

Chichen Itza

While they are here, almost all of our guests make a point of driving the 45 minutes to Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Chichen Itza and Coba were once governed by the ruling class at Ek Balam. Ask us for tips on getting to and through this busy site with ease.

Hammock Weaving

Travelers come from throughout the world to buy hammocks crafted in Ek Balam. The technique they use is unlike anywhere else in Mexico. Let us connect you with our neighbors so you can learn how to weave, hang and get comfortable in one of these colorful, cloud-like creations.


The Yucatán Peninsula is dotted with hundreds of cenotes—pools of shimmering blue water fed by a vast underground freshwater river system. Some look like large ponds, others are deep sinkholes, and still others occupy gaping caverns or have dramatic rock formations.


Grind corn on an ancient metate and make tortillas with our neighbor, Guadalupe. We broker, free of charge, a discovery of ancestral Maya cooking and daily life around the cooking fire of a Yucateca Maya family. Truly an experience you can not miss!


Valladolid, The Magical City, in spite of its Spanish name and architectural influences, has deep Pre-Columbian roots. Explore the city's tumultuous, revolutionary past using our free self-guiding tour from the municipal gallery to the Franciscan monastery.

Bird Tours

Rio Lagartos Bio-Reserve Home to 20+ Endangered Species This reserve has the highest level of ecological protection in Mexico and is registered by the United Nations as a wetland of international importance.

Maya Chocolate

Jump off the tourist bus, support local economies, participate in a diminishing way of life and broaden your culinary experience. Grind chocolate on a 500-year-old stone metate with one of our delightful neighbors.
"I spent 4 nights, which gave me time to for leisurely exploring, a day at the ruins and the cenote, and time to wander the village and absorb a little local culture. The highlight was making tortillas and chocolate with a local woman, Guadelupe."