participate in village life

In rural Yucatan, subsistence farmers celebrate, build, cook, heal, teach, plant and raise children in some ways reminiscent of their pre-conquest ancestors. But things are changing. Eco-cultural tourism promotes traditional lifestyles by connecting local people with savvy travelers looking for respectful ways to experience other cultures.

Make Cacao like the Ancients

Once the sacred drink of kings and queens only, hot cacao is now enjoyed by all. Join our neighbour and process cacao by hand, from seed to paste to unadulturated ceremonial drink. Donate directly to host to cover cost of materials and time.

The Great Corn Tortilla

Sit by the fire with our neighbour, Guadalupe and learn the art of the perfect corn tortilla. Grind corn on a 500-year-old stone metate, shape the dough and then sample your fire-cooked corn tortillas, the Mayan staff of life. Free of charge although a tip directly to the host family should cover materials and time.


Ek Balam is famous throughout the region for its hand crafted hammocks. We connect you with local weavers who demonstrate how to weave, bind, hang, select and rest in a hammock. No charge for our guests (Donate directly to host family).


Visit stingless Maya beekeeping farm with melipona bees and native hives