Village Life

yucateca village life

In rural Yucatan, subsistence farmers celebrate, build, cook, heal, teach, plant and raise children in some ways reminiscent of their pre-conquest ancestors. But things are changing. Eco-cultural tourism promotes traditional lifestyles by connecting local people with savvy travelers looking for respectful ways to experience other cultures.


Here are a few examples of what our guests enjoy doing while here at Genesis. When you make a room reservation lets us know which activities you are interested in.


Grind corn on an ancient metate and make tortillas or cacao with our neighbour, Guadalupe. Learn why traditional lifestyles are generally ecologically sound and what the Maya can teach us about living more simply—all while enjoying fresh corn tortillas and hot chocolate made with your own hands.


Yucatecans come from throughout the state to buy hammocks crafted in Ek Balam. Let us connect you with our neighbors so you can learn how to weave, hang and get comfortable in one of these colorful, cloud-like creations. Donation to host family only.


Visit stingless Maya beekeeping farm with melipona bees and native hives

“Meeting your neighbors and the 3 generations of hammock weavers was one of the highlights of our time. My son is thrilled with the little fruit hammock he made and brought it to school last week. This was a great way to learn about people here and we were totally comfortable even without Spanish.”